Cocinar y pintar con amor y atención plena (en íngles)

Cooking and painting with love and awareness

This retreat is offered to the English speaking world. All are welcome with  a basic level of English.

During this retreat we offer daily sessions of meditation, cooking and painting


We are going to explore cooking as a spiritual practice and cooking as a  creative act. Vimalabandhu will introduce Dogen's Instruction for the Monastery Cooks. During the weekend he will guide you to compose fantastic food by  selecting and combining whatever vegan ingredients you bring with you. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will improvise Indian, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine with ingredients readily available in Spain. (alternative; Padmashalin will guide improvisation of Venezuelan cuisine, in stead of me doing the Chinese or Indian one)

The cooking sessions are in the morning. Due to the space limit in the kitchen the number of cooks will be no more than 10 for each session. Please indicate the days you'd like to cook, book early before the places filled up! You could participate in the art activities or enjoy the beauty of Suryavana in the afternoons or when there is no space left for a cooking session

Painting/ Drawing

There will be morning and afternoon session each day ( no afternoon session on the last day)
bring your own art material 

Poetry writing

offering opportunity to write, some guidance maybe by using books such as  Manjusvara ' The Poet's Way' or something similar in Spanish
Write in any language of your choice

Meditation and puja

To cook and to paint well, actuallyto do anything we need love and awareness. Ritual could give us inspiration and help us to find our place in the world. During the retreat we will start the day with a meditation, do a short reflection before the meals and finish the day with a puja.


Vimalabandhu has been cooking for more than 50 years,  a Chinese descendant born and grew up in Indonesia He also lived  in and appreciated the food of  France, India, Spain and The Netherlands. Currently he lives in  England, A Buddhist and vegetarian for over 30 years.

Team: Vimalabandhu, Padmashalin and Amalamati

Contribution: 290 euros

Actividad Generosa

Este tipo de actividad también es ofrecida altruistamente por la persona que facilita la actividad, es decir, no percibe ninguna remuneración por la realización de esta actividad.